Monday, March 03, 2008

My friend Jewels has her own online craft shop now: Knitsational, powered by As you can tell from the name, she's selling a lot of knitted things, but she also has stuff like baby slings. I never would have gotten my household packed up for our move here if it wasn't for the sling Jewels gave me -- Dano nursed and napped in it while I used both hands to pack. Babywearing is the best! Now I mostly use mine while taking walks or going grocery shopping -- Dano does still like to nap lying in it, but now that he can sit up and support his own weight more, he's having a great time riding in the sling sitting on my hip. He can see what's going on, I can use both hands to do stuff, and he still feels all safe because he's right next to me, not sitting in a shopping cart or something.

So if you or someone you know is interested in getting a baby sling, buy one from Jewels! They make great baby shower presents too :-D

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  1. You found me! Thanks for the plug! You're too sweet.


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