Tuesday, December 04, 2007

A moving update for all you out there wondering how the moving is going: thanks to my Dad, Noumenon, Cowboy's Mom, Banana, and the Papoose (who loved helping his Uncle Noumenon pull the handcart), the last few boxes are in the process of being loaded onto the truck we've rented. Random stuff like cd racks and the card table and chairs are being left for tomorrow, because we've been at this forever and we're getting really really really tired -- Dad's been up since 4am, Cowboy's been up since 4:30, and I've been up since 5:30... and yeah... forming coherent thoughts is getting tough for both Cowboy and me. Especially for Cowboy, since he had food poisoning yesterday and is still feeling not particularly up to par.

So we're heading to a motel for the night in just a bit, and we'll come back in the morning to finish loading the truck and to clean the apartment (oh joy, oh rapture). We had a few setbacks (Cowboy's food poisoning put our final packing way behind schedule; Dad's flight was delayed), so we won't be leaving first thing tomorrow like we'd hoped, but hey, what can you do? At least it hasn't snowed again, we look like we've got clear sailing for the next few days... and what are plans for but to be rearranged, huh?

And I'd like to say a big thank-you to Noumenon, Banana, and Cowboy's Mom for coming over to help with the last-minute packing and loading the truck, and to my Dad for flying up here to to help with all the loading and driving. We'd be sunk without you! Hope you liked the brownies.

(And to everyone who disagreed when I told them I wouldn't be done packing everything by the time Dad arrived today, I say: I told you so!)


  1. I was going through my CDs today, and came across one that made me think of you. It's a Christmas CD that I forgot I even owned. And track #8 is by none other than Bobby Darrin! So, of course,I had to pop it in the player and give it a listen. It was nice, but Mack the Knife is still my favorite recording by Mr. Darrin.

    Kisses to Dano and luck with the trek cross country.


  2. Wow congratulations on Cowboy getting the job! Moving to Connecticut, wowie! I hope you like it up there and all. :) I'm sure you will once you get settled in. I sent a card to your old address, oops. Maybe it will get forwarded. I guess you guys have a house or apartment lined up?


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