Sunday, November 19, 2006

"Thank the Lord and sing His praise -- tell everyone what He has done!"

My keys and coat were returned to me this morning! What an answer to a weekful of prayer!

See, last week I for no real good reason hung our coats on the rack at the back of church after the service. Larry had a council meeting, and I didn't feel like hanging on to the coats for the extra hour or so we'd be at church, so I hung them there. I've never hung them up before (and I think now I never will again). When we were ready to leave, my coat was gone! And my keys were in the pocket! So we alerted Pastor and he said he'd call us if anyone reported that they'd accidentally taken the wrong coat home... but no one ever contacted him. Or us. If they found the keys in the pocket, they would've known my name because I have one of my Recon dogtags on my keychain and it has my real name on it as well as my call sign, and there are only three people in the phone book with our last name, two of which are me and Cowboy and one of which is Noumenon.

But no one ever called us, and I asked our Pastor's Wife at choir practice on Wednesday night if they'd heard anything, and they hadn't so far.

So we spent a week praying that they'd just be returned this morning, that someone had accidentally taken the wrong coat home and didn't realize there were keys in the pocket, so just figured they'd return it the next week. And it seems that's what happened, because when we got to church this morning, there was my coat, keys in the pocket still :-D Hallelujah!

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