Wednesday, September 29, 2004

I have a confession to make. To those of you who think of me as a mildly erudite, bookish, quiet and shy person, it may come as something of a shock. For those of you who know me as those things, but also as a person who grew up watching John Wayne and James Bond movies, it will not be a shock. And some of you are already aware of this thing I am about to reveal.

I am a Dwayne Johnson fan.

(Most people know Dwayne Johnson as "The Rock", the wrestler-turned-actor.)

Let me be very clear here: I am not a wrestling fan. Not in any way, shape, or form. But I am an action movie fan, and Dwayne Johnson makes action movies. Actually, he makes pretty good action movies. I wasn't terribly fond of his debut in The Mummy Returns, although I do like the movie. But when he stomped on screen, swinging a sword and bulging menacingly as The Scorpion King, I was amused. It's a formulaic movie, sure, but it's a fun romp in the desert nonetheless, and the action is really pretty great. I mean, can it get much better than muscly guys sword-fighting and spitting sly one-liners, while occasionally raising one eyebrow and smirking? Okay, it can. There can be guns involved too, which is what happened in The Rundown. How could I not like it? Not only is The Rock toting a firearm, but we've got quirky little Seann William Scott to deal with too!

What brings on this posting is the fact that Walking Tall came out on video and dvd this morning (but I didn't buy it). I saw it in theaters, and I liked it. The Rock has slimmed down now, he's not soooooo muscley. But he still has those shoulders--and I have ever been attracted to a good pair of shoulders. In fact, every guy I've ever liked in real life has had a great set of shoulders, my husband especially. Of course, no one quite comes close to the shoulders of David Boreanaz, which add so magnificently to his broodiness when he plays 'Angel'...but Dwayne Johnson has a nice set, and he's actually turning into a decent actor, much like Ahnold once did. Will we ever see The Rock in fuzzy polar bear slippers? Who knows...(see Batman and Robin if you don't get it)

Okay, I have now confessed. I am a violent bookworm.

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