Sunday, May 15, 2005

My friend LB (aka freestargirl) has her own blog now, called Things That Happen...


  1. She made it on Blogger, unfortunately, so if I want to read her I have to bookmark it, and check the bookmark, and bookmark any comments I make, and check those bookmarks. LiveJournal Forever!

  2. You can blame me for that, cuz I'm the one that started using Blogger a couple years ago. LiveJournal has some nice features, but I like my format here much better. Larry decided to use Blogger as a sign of solidarity with me, and I guess LB probably just chose it cuz it's what I use.

  3. #1 request in LiveJournal's last user poll was "more pretty formats!" It beat out "new features" and "less bugs" by a lot.


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