Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Lots of my friends have blogs too, so I just thought I'd put links to them here, in case anyone wants to visit them too, but doesn't know the addys or doesn't know they have blogs ;-)

Mrs. Snape
Flying Squirrel


  1. Hi!
    you should put the links to your friends' blogs on the sidebar. This way, there will always be someway to visit their blogs without goig to your archives.
    Nice blog!

  2. I vote for Maribel's journal, because of posts like
    and There are so many different ways to express yourself in blog! She's got a mix of poetry and frank emotional discussion. It's unique. However based on she may not be expecting anyone to link to her -- and might even have posts she doesn't want someone to read!

    (I made a bunch of other comments today, but I forgot to sign them all. By their wordiness ye shall know them.)

  3. Hi, Angel! Great of these days I'll fiddle with my settings and see if I can get my friends' blog addys put there permanently. I checked out your blog too...I don't read much Spanish, but the bits I could figure out were cool ;-)

    Ahh, Housekarl. I've enjoyed your comments, as usual, and I'll be replying to them over the next couple days. I like MB's journal too, but she hasn't updated it in a while. I don't think she minds having it linked to tho--she keeps trying to get people to visit it.

  4. That's not Spanish, it's Portuguese. Who do you know who speaks Portuguese?


  5. That's Portuguese? Cool! I don't really know anybody who speaks Portuguese...this is the first time I've heard from this person.

  6. lol, I'm Mrs. Snape tehee!

    Mrs. Snape


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