Thursday, November 14, 2002

How could I be so stupid? I walked out of the apartment today without a single Creed cd! I told myself I'd been listening to Creed for the last two days and I should listen to something else lest I become boring. Hah. Now I'm jonesing for them, and they're at home while I'm at work. Grr. Well, here's my most absolute favorite Creed song ever: "What's This Life For?" from "My Own Prison". It was the last song of their regular set at the concert we went to in August...

"What's This Life For"

Hurray for a child
That makes it through
If there's any way
Because the answer lies in you
They're laid to rest
Before they know just what to do
Their souls are lost
Because they could never find
What's this life for
I see your soul, it's kind of gray
I see your heart, you look away
You see my wrist, I know your pain
I know your purpose on your plane
Don't say a last prayer
Because you could never find
What's this life for
But they ain't here anymore
Don't have to settle the score
Cause we all live
Under the reign of one king

Written by Tremonti/Stapp - Published by Tremonti/Stapp Music (Adm. by Dwight Frye Music, Inc.) / Dwight Frye Music, Inc. (BMI)

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